25+ Years of creative explorations through all things design/dev and multimedia. I communicate clearly, work fast, organize and name my layers.


Active Secret Clearance

Department of Defense (Physical & Logical Access Control) Big data global personnel systems infrastructure next gen product design.


Education, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Financial, Agencies, Start Up and E-commerce Platforms - Design & Development


I study, interact and love people.

Education &

Art Institute of Portland
Media Arts/Animation
2 years of course work.

Monterey Peninsula College
Arts/Comp Sci
2 years of coursework

Del Monte School of Design
Desktop Publishing & Graphic Design
R.O.P. Program (1994)

Still reading? Fantastic!

  • Product Management, Engineering, Marketing, Insights, working with internal and external stakeholders to develop next generation products & services
  • Research, interact and synergize with: managers, engineers, and designers to understand requirements and build out quality products. Sm-Lg teams.
  • Shaping and leveraging company brand standards.
  • Developing out a systematic approach to copy and content, creating consistency, harmony and predictability across all touch points.
  • Taking complex concepts and translating them into easy-to-digest, human readable language.
  • Passion and focus for every element of the user journey.
  • Actively leading and participating in the design process, contributing to ideation sessions.
  • Continually express the value of systems as a necessary part of the user journey and customer experience.
  • Skilled with Microsoft Products and Confluence, GIT, Azure
  • Experience with complete Adobe CC Suite - Figma, Sketch, XD + (OSX Preferred)
  • Frontline communicator who inspires and influences with fervor and adaptive candor. Quick study of people that can read a room.
  • Ability to develop a well-informed point of view while maintaining flexibility to changing requirements.
  • Ability to work cross-functionality with multiple stakeholders, balancing changing priorities.
  • Exhaustive attention to detail.
  • Wicked fast learner.
  • You really should get to know me better - I'm super fun. 🤪